ABCD of E - Poster

The event commenced on the morning of August 13, 2016 at 9:30 am in the Mini-Auditorium of NSIT, New Delhi, with an active participation of 135 students from diverse branches of B.E., assisted by a team of about 30 mentors. The sole aim of the workshop was to enliven their journey into the astonishing world of electronics. To accomplish this objective, they were made to start from scratch and after a toil of two days, they took along a standalone project, built entirely by them: an ANALOG COLOR MIXER.

What is Analog Color Mixer?

Do you understand the difference between green and sea green? Are you captivated by a particular red shade? Are you a perfectionist and want the exact shades while matching clothes? Or are you an artist and want more colors on your palette? Then, this color mixer is a perfect tool for you! It uses three potentiometric controls to vary the individual intensity of Red, Green and Blue color of an RGB LED. With just these three potentiometers, one could set the RGB to almost any color!

Analog RGB Colour Mixer

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