Day 1

Inauguration ceremony

So, the Texas Instrument’s Summer Internship Workshop on Embedded Product Design began with great gusto this season and an overwhelming response for both the MSP430 and the BeagleBone Black platforms. The day commenced with registrations followed by photo clicking of each participant for ID card purposes and backpack distributions along with the components and tools kit. The participants assembled in the auditorium and the event was formally kick started by Electronic Lamp lighting ceremony. (A project patented by CEDT, NSIT)

Inauguration Lamp

Inauguration using Electronic Lamp

Professor Dhananjay V. Gadre, Director TI CEPD, NSIT briefed the audience about the internship program and Centre for Electronic Design and Technology (CEDT) Laboratory at NSIT followed by introduction of eminent Professors, Dr. Raj Senani and Dr. Tarun Kumar Rawat. Dr. C. P. Ravikumar, Director ,Technical Talent Development at Texas Instruments, India also had a small session with the audience wherein he gave a briefing about Texas Instruments and how it has evolved over the years. The session here broke for tea post which, Dr. Ravikumar again took the stage to discuss the commercial applications and feasibility of embedded products such as the Electronic Lamp itself. This was followed by demonstration of various completed projects at CEDT, an exercise that saw keen attention from the participants as they watched the projects work flawlessly. The session then broke for lunch at 1pm succeeding which Professor Gadre commenced Talk 1 wherein he gave an overview of the Embedded Systems and some typical applications.

Dr. C. P. Ravikumar

Dr. C. P. Ravikumar briefing the participants

NSIT Faculty

Esteemed professors of NSIT gracing the ocassion

CEDT/TI-CEPD Projects Description

CEDT/CEPD Projects

  1. Battery less TV Remote: A remote which does not require batteries. It runs on a faraday generator and just needs a few shakes for its operation.
  2. Battery less LED Dice: An electronic dice which generates numbers from 1 to 6 randomly. It uses a faraday generator for power.
  3. Birthday Blowout Candles: Fireless programmable birthday candles that go off when blown and also play a happy birthday song!
  4. Electronic Hourglass: A MSP430 puppy based LED hourglass with a novel orientation sensor. Also equipped with timeout buzzer.
  5. Cricket and 1D Pong: Implements two player 1-D Pong and Cricket games based on LFSR.
  6. Internal and external temperature sensor and Mux’ed SSD: Displays the ambient as well as CPU core temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales on 7- segment displays.
  7. LED Inauguration Lamp System: An inauguration lamp that doesn’t involve fire. It has a 3-D printed fake fire flames, along with an electronic matchstick.
  8. LED Spinning Top: A top which prints messages as it spins.
  9. Hacked Toy Laser Gun: Electronic laser target shooting practice game with LED targets.
  10. Electronic visiting card: A visiting card printed on a PCB that can be plugged into a USB port redirecting the user to the website of the person who owns it.
  11. Customized Memento: A personalized electronic memento, which shows the use of LED as a sensor.
  12. 2 and a 1/2-digit Charlieplexed Display: A display made using 20 charlieplexed LEDs using an 8 pin microcontroller.
  13. Hearty: A wearable interactive LED heart. The heartbeat speeds up if anyone comes close to it and displays interesting patterns.
  14. Smart egg tray: An egg tray which notifies when the numbers of eggs kept in it falls below a threshold number. Based on the IoT paradigm.
  15. RGB color mixer: Controls the intensity of red, green, blue colors to make millions of new colors.
  16. RGB LED Pen: A pen which can make 7 colors using the RGB combinations.
  17. Spectrum analyzer: Classifies audio frequency spectrum into different bands and displays it in the form of bar graphs on a LCD screen.
  18. Illuminated eye loupe: A lens with LEDs supporting it, for better vision in dark also.
  19. CPLD based game Race of Gladiators: A CPLD based game which uses LEDs arranged in a circular pattern, switches and random number generator.
  20. GAMMA: A smart device that can be attached to a toothbrush and can tell if the person has brushed their teeth well, using an app.
  21. LED Tengu: A device which takes audio input and lip syncs it using LEDs.
  22. Talking Thermometer: A multi-lingual thermometer that speaks out the current temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit scales. A useful device for the visually impaired.

Projects Display

Display of the projects under CEDT/ TI CEPD and books by Prof. Dhananjay V. Gadre

Project Demo by Prof. Gadre

Prof. Gadre giving a demonstration of birthday blowout candles

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