Day 4

Common Lecture

The day began with a talk on optocoupler and optoisolator. The application of optocoupler in printer heads and optoisolator in isolating two systems using light, by providing two different grounds seemed very fascinating to the participants . For keeping a track of time, the RTC (Real time clock) was explored. A task, to find a solution for the battery backup of the RTC, in case of power failure, was also given . A simple solution to this, using two diodes was explained.

The processor, host, the power supply to the system, the communication links within the system and with the outside world were introduced. After reviewing all the six boxes, sir went on to describe how to form a union of these elements with the “electronic glue”. Electronic glue could be any analog circuitry which would measure, filter, amplify signals or process these 6 boxes.

Prof. Gadre during lecture

Prof. Gadre involved in a discussion about optocoupler

Post lunch – EAGLE CAD

Post lunch, the EAGLE session was continued. The participants were taught the various tools associated with making the board layout. The board layout of the common emitter was completed by each participant. The routing of the Code Practice Oscillator (CPO) that they would be fabricating soon, was given as an exercise. Their mistakes were corrected and their doubts were attended by the mentors. Also, a separate EAGLE lecture was arranged for those participants who had joined late, so that they could catch up with the rest of the class.

Schematic of CPO

Board Layout of CPO

A glimpse of the schematic and board file of the CPO board

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