Day 10

Common Lecture

The tenth day of the internship programme marked the advent of one of the most important blocks of the six block model-The Power Supply Unit. Prof. Gadre provided an insight into the basic functioning, types and components that made up this unit.

Special emphasis was laid upon the designing of such supplies using simpler components like zener diodes to more complex ones. It began with the discussion of the design paradigms for linear supplies using analog building blocks. A brief introduction of operational amplifier was also provided.

The subsequent discussions were focussed upon the second major class of power supplies-the Switched Mode Power Supply. It overcomes one of the major drawbacks of linear supplies-low efficiency. It was followed by a discussion on the fundamental topological differences between buck, boost and buck-boost supplies which concluded the morning session.

Track A - MSP430

In the afternoon session, the MSP430 track participants began the process of sharpening their coding skills. The participants got the first opportunity code their MSP430G2553 launch pads. The integrated development environment used for the same was Code Composer Studio developed by Texas Instruments (TI). The first code to be practiced was the Hello LED code under the guidance of Arun Kumar. The on-board LED was toggled using software delay.

MSP Lecture

Arun Kumar guiding the students in their MSP code

Track B - BeagleBone

All participants were involved in the fabrication of the BBB cape zero (an elementary board being used for hardware-interfacing). The fabrication process of the entire PCB containing a potentiometer, LED, push button, resistors, 7-segment display and LDR. was finished in a day under the supervision of the mentors.

Cape Zero

BeagleBone Cape Zero

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