Day 12

Common Lecture

The last day of the second week of the internship, unlike the other days, had a special schedule. The morning lecture was taken by Professor Gadre. He began by reviewing the digital building blocks like counters, multiplexers, comparators. A PWM Generator was implemented using a basic counter and a comparator. The characteristics of a PWM signal, its frequency in relation to the clock frequency, its resolution were laid emphasis on. An activity that involved producing average voltage (after passing through a low pass filter of an appropriate frequency) was also undertaken. Next technique to be introduced was charlieplexing, a unique way of connecting more LEDs using a lesser number of GPIO pins. An amazing adaptation of this concept, a charlieplexed 2-1/2 digit display project was also shown. Numerous ADCs like SAR ADC, Flash Type ADC were discussed. Thereafter, sir moved on to programming insights

PWM - LPF Experiment

Passing the PWM signal through a low pass filter to produce correspoding analog voltage

Ham Radio Session

Post Lunch, a HAM RADIO sensitization lecture was hosted by Gaurav Tyagi, a licensed HAM, currently pursuing B.E. at NSIT. A HAM communicates and broadcasts information using Morse code to other amateurs for the purpose of entertainment and public service as in a case of natural calamity. Highlighting how amateur radio operation evolved as a hobby over the time and how it got licensed, some bandwidth of frequencies being owned by licensed HAMs, encouraged the participants to delve deeper into the world of radios and wireless communication technology. The examination procedure to obtain the license was also discussed

Handheld Transceiver HAM Talk

HAM radio session hosted by Gaurav Tyagi

Dean UG addressing students

Prof. J. Jena, Dean UG, addressing the gathering

Later, in the evening, the half-way point of the internship was celebrated in the form of an enthralling Golgappa and ice-cream party. It also promoted interaction within the participants. Prof. J. Jena, Dean Undergraduate Programme, NSIT, also joined in to interact with the participants

Gol Gappa Party

NSIT Faculty at Gol Gappa Party

Participants at Gol Gappy Party

Gol Gappa Party

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