Day 9

Common Lecture

Day-9 started with a problem statement, to identify if the source of system reset was a user button or power on reset and hence display it on 2 different coloured LEDs. Since data memory is stored in RAM, on user reset the contents of RAM are not lost, while on POR it gets cleared. The solution was identified and presented in the form of a flowchart. Next, structural block diagrams of RAM, ROM and microcomputers were studied. Sources of power, level conversion mechanisms, optimization techniques were the key points. The lecture concluded with an introduction to power supply design considerations in embedded systems.

Participants at lecture

Participants attending common lectures

Track A-MSP430

In the MSP430 track lecture, the emphasis was on the key features of MSP430 including supply voltage range, power consumption, quiescent current, clock module configuration taking reference from the datasheet and userguide of MSP430.

Track B-BeagleBone

The lecture provided the participants the first hands-on experience of communicating with the BeagleBone. They were taught how to login when connected to the BBB for the first time and various useful Linux Commands required to interact with it Also, participants learnt how to share the internet using Network-over-USB in BBB by typing the required commands in the Terminal. Thereafter, x11vnc was installed in everyone’s BeagleBone.

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