Day 17

Common lecture

The common lecture began with a discussion on how to program the target IC in our project. Then, Prof. Gadre went on to elaborate upon the basic electronics components like Resistors, Capacitors and Inductors. The double sided PCB fabrication was also talked about. Later, the principle behind the Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator being used to improve the stability of RTC was explained. The tear down of a fit bit clone, and a discussion on the processing techniques of the old vs. modern microcontrollers followed next.

Resistor Capacitor Integrated Circuits

Post tea break, he went on to discuss the significance of independent Digital and Analog Vcc pins in the ICs.The reason behind connecting the capacitor between the Vcc and Gnd pins of the IC was explored in great detail. The impact of wrongly placing the capacitor and laying the tracks in the board layout was also explained. This ensured that the participants would be careful enough while making their project. The session ended with a brief introduction to Programmable Logic Devices. The applications and classification of PLDs were discussed briefly.

Track A-MSP430

The session was dedicated to communicating using UART protocol. A code which took input from the keyboard and displayed the data received by the microcontroller on Putty was explained and implemented. A lecture on interfacing LCD was planned for the next day.

Track B-BeagleBone

The emphasis was on project-specific doubts of all the participants. Once the participants were confident about the various aspects of their respective projects, after having exhaustive discussions with their mentors, they started working on it with full enthusiasm.

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