The last week was fully devoted by the participants to transform their ideas into a working project under the guidance of their respective mentors. Participants came up with innovative ideas and the potential problems that their implementation can solve. Then starting from scratch, they developed their schematics, board file, and bill of material and then went on to the fabrication process. With a working board in their hand, the on-board peripherals were made to function as required with a well-defined coding algorithm. The participants finally had their ideas realised in the form of a working project.

The following are the project ideas put forth and pursued by various participants.

Track A-MSP430

S. No. Project Idea S. No. Project Idea
1 Smart Medical Pillbox 17 Sun light tracker Solar Panel
2 Bicycle Speedometer 18 Rock Paper Scissors Game
3 Braille decoder 19 Alarm Clock
4 BCD to Hexadecimal Converter 20 Music Lamp
5 Truth and Dare Game 21 RGB Colour Mixer
6 Intra System Comm. using UART 22 Peltier module based Temp. Control
7 Digital Temperature Meter 23 Audio Spectrum Analyser
8 Colour Mania 24 Still frame photography
9 Bidirectional Visitor Counter 25 Snakes and ladders
10 Electronic bouquet 26 Power Meter
11 Digital candles 27 Heart-Beat Counter
12 Electronic Bonsai 28 IR based counter
13 Propeller Clock 29 Stop the Cross
14 Crazy Nakalchi Alien 30 Temperature sensor fan
15 Auto door lock 31 Morse code decoder
16 Basic Calculator

Track B-BeagleBone

S. No. Project Idea S. No. Project Idea
1 Home Security System 6 Industrial Automation & Monitoring system
2 Spy Car 7 Bicycle Computer
3 Talking multimeter 8 Automatic plant watering device
4 Office desk display device 9 Talking thermometer
5 BBB Serial Terminal Server 10 Indoor Navigation System

The Final Showdown

Here is a collection of a few projects completed in the internship programme by the participants.

There is no greater achievement than seeing your own design in your hands.

-Dr. Raj Senani

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